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Embark On Your Adventure


Supplement your vacation experience by treating yourself to an exploration of the Abaco islands in a luxurious Leopard 51' Power Catamaran, under the command of Captain Lilly Cardenas. Customize your adventure! Snorkel, spearfish, collect lobster, harvest conch, island hop and enjoy the local cuisine, and much much more.

Leopard 51' Power Catamaran Charter

Decide Your Experience

With Barefoot Charter, you architect the experience. Select your own duration, route*, cuisine**, and activities to best fit with your interests and your vacation plans. Better yet, we'll work with you to figure out the best place to meet up!

We provide snorkeling and spear fishing equipment, but if you have your own equipment, feel free to bring that too! Anything from fishing rods to scuba gear.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the experience.


*Restrictions due to hazardous conditions may apply.

**We will discuss any food allergies or diets prior to the trip.


A Key West native, Captain Lilly has over 25 years of boating experience. She is an avid angler and free diver, loves to surf, hike, create ocean-inspired art and tinker with boats.


With over 16,000 offshore miles, Lilly has operated a variety of vessels from traditional Polynesian sailing canoes to luxury sailboats and large passenger vessels.


These vessels have taken her across oceans and locales like the Mediterranean, Thailand, South Pacific, Hawaii, Carribean, and New England. When not on the water, she enjoys views from above as a land and sea rated pilot.

Lilly is a skilled boat handler with an emphasis on the safety of her crew and passengers.

She currently holds a 100-ton GRT Master Captains License with Sail and Tow endorsements and her teaching certificate with the American Sailing Association. 

Captain Lilly