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BAREFOOT Leopard 51' Power Catamaran

Embark On Your Adventure


Supplement your vacation experience by treating yourself to an exploration of the Abaco islands with a luxurious Leopard 51' Power Catamaran named Barefoot with Lilly Cardenas as your Captain.

Customize an adventure that's right for you! Snorkel, spearfish, collect lobster, harvest conch, island hop and enjoy the local cuisine, and much more.

Captain Lilly with her decades of charter experience will provide you an amazing nautical experience for your preferred cruising activities.

Decide Your Experience

There is no better choice than cruising with Barefoot Yacht Charter, you architect the experience from beginning to end. Select your own duration, route*, cuisine**, and activities to best fit with your interests and your vacation plans. Better yet, we'll work with you to figure out the best place to meet up!

  • Day Charters: Up to 12 guests

        half or full days (4 or 8 hours)

  • Overnight: Up to 8 guests


​​We strive to make this a memorable experience in hopes you will return and cruise with us year after year.

Please feel free to contact us and thank you! We look forward to personalizing your yacht charter experience.

*Restrictions due to hazardous conditions may apply.

**We will discuss any food allergies or diets prior to the trip.

Barefoot Yacht Charter provides complementary snorkeling and spear fishing equipment, but if you have your own equipment, feel free to bring that too! 


If you want to immerse yourself in a full body workout we have paddle boards and wakeboards, if you just want to rest, kick-back, and sip a cool drink then the lily pad is perfect.


We also offer our locally sourced sea-to-table meals for you to enjoy on the boat or at the Barefoot Beach estate home.

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